Geocaching Container

Geocaching: the ultimate treasure hunt

You will find everything from large parrots to micro containers. To get started you will need a special geocaching app on your or your parents’ phone.

What is geocaching?

Geocaching is where you find objects or containers (they can be anything really!). You find them then write in a log book to prove you have found it.

How can I do it?

In order to do geocaching you will need to download the free app which you will find in the Appstore. When you go on a walk just follow the map and search high and low.

Where are the caches hidden?

They can be hidden anywhere in bushes, trees, on roads, in gates or even hanging from poles…

What does a cache look like?

It can look like anything. The app describes where and what you are looking for and sometimes there is a picture. Apart from that you don’t really know what you are looking for!

What happens when I find a cache?

When you find a geocache you can write in the log book. Sometimes depending on what cache it is you can bring a toy that you don’t want or something you don’t use anymore and you can swap it for something else.

My favourite caches so far…

I have a few favorites so far. One I thought most exciting was a black nano container about the size of a bullet. It was one of my favorites because it took the longest to find and I felt proud when we found it. Another one I liked was one by the river where it gave you a clue and you had to try and work out what the clue meant and where it was.

What you’ll find on your geocache adventure…

You will find everything from large parrots to micro containers

Good places you can explore…

  • Urban areas
  • Forest areas
  • Country-side areas
  • Anywhere really!

I hope you enjoy your geocache chases

Sophie x